The amazing Inter-Actief LAN party is getting closer… Game for 48 hours straight and win all competitions!

After waiting a very long time in suspense, both the themes and games are finally revealed! Start with very little, gain experience, knowledge and materials, think of a tactic and become the best: it’s all about crafting!

Build your own base, discuss your strategy: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Beat the enemy team in Block ’n Load!

Want a bit more speed? Race against your fellow enemies in the race game Blur. A mix between Mario Kart and Need for Speed.

A theme like crafting does not only impose creating… Destroy the terrain in Shellshock live 2! Kill your enemy tanks, earn money and finish the game with that massive bomb!

To show you are an all-round winner, participate in the LAN-wide game: Minecraft. With custom plugins and a custom map, this will be your chance to become the King of the hill. Be creative and think outside of the box to win this game!

Hope to see you at the DSW LAN!

Je kunt je helaas niet meer inschrijven voor deze activiteit, de inschrijftermijn is verlopen.

Wie, wat, waar, wanneer...

LANCie 2017.2
van vrijdag 8 december 2017 18:00 tot zondag 10 december 2017 18:00 iCal-link
2,50 euro