OC Lunchlezing: Prince Singh, PhD Researcher

Prince Singh is een PhD Researcher van de vakgroep Services, Cybersecurity and Safety. Hij is bijna klaar met zijn onderzoek en zal tijdens deze lunchlezing vertellen over de onderzoeksresultaten en de relevantie van zijn onderzoek:

Learning from Ants: Synchromodal Logistics.

This today’s world customers desire the delivery of their orders in the best conditions and as early as possible. This customer behaviour is not limited to short distance delivery of orders but also intra-continental and inter-continental shipments.

Logistic companies have to continuously maintain high levels of service for their customers. But often, despite their best preparation and planning, things might not go according to plan. There can be rail or road disruptions which can delay shipment. Bad weather conditions or deep sea ports' (e.g. Rotterdam port) being unavailability could also delay shipments. So, what can logistic companies do to be better prepared of unforeseen circumstances ? How can they be more context-aware?

The talk will address the above situation along with a novel solution called Synchromodal Logistics. In Synchromodal Logistic, the next destination of a shipment and mode of transport is decided on the fly, i.e. instead of apriori planning, dynamic planning is done. Contextual data is used to devise a resilient plan for shipments. Synchromodal Logistics has similarities with the movement of ants. Ants are know to change their route and mode of travel in hostile situations. They have no strict route, rather the route depends on the situation at hand.

The talk will also shed light on the research being done on this topic in University of Twente and initial results will be discussed. It promises to be an interesting talk so do join in.

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Education Committee
OC Lunchlezing: Prince Singh, PhD Researcher
dinsdag 5 december 2017 van 12:45 tot 13:30 iCal-link