Lunch Lecture Voortman

A machine at Voortman Steel Machinery is so much more than only mechanical en electronic parts. In our market areas we are known for our high valued and automated product lines. At Voortman we believe to differentiate with the software that controls our product lines. We attach a lot of value to new, better and faster software solutions. With a group of 25 software engineers we work on the automating of machine and system witch happens in a shared software solution in C#, .net and in PLC

During the lunch lecture we talk we will put the focus on the software development that we do with use of PLC on the following topics: The world of real time control, why this is important, what is so different about this and what we do about this at Voortman On witch developments we work at the moment, unit-testing in the PLC and a platform upgrade How the future of PLC software inside our platform will look. Think about code-generation, config generatie and expandability

Impression of Voortman Steel Machinery: Impression of Voortman Steel Machinery - Software:

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Lunch Lecture Voortman
RA 1501
Tuesday 5 March 2019 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link