Rocket over the Moon: Friday Afternoon Drink

Esteemed first-year students and other members,

It's once again time for the first Friday Afternoon Drink of the year. The moment to end the week, to complain about the first lectures and to continue the spirit of the constitution drinks.

The theme of this first VriMiBo is "Rocket over the moon". To reinforce this theme, there are rocketshots available at the bar for you to fly through our drink space. If you cannot find the moon, it's just off the edge of the map (this joke only works in Dutch, but if you buy a Dutch person a drink they'll gladly explain it to you).

I expect you all to be present at this drink, because what better do you have to do on a friday afternoon?

Kind regards on behalf of the most engaging, escalating, epibrating and exciting committee,

The SocCie

Who, what, where, when...

Rocket over the Moon: Friday Afternoon Drink
Friday 20 September 2019 from 16:00 until 22:00 iCal-link