Lunch lecture Moneybird

Performance of high volume web applications

Writing software is not hard. Writing software that performances well under high volumes of traffic is challenging. Over the years, Moneybird has learned how to optimise for high volume traffic. This talk covers topics like query performance, SQL optimisation and performance profiling.

Moneybird is a young, innovative company that rapidly developed since 2008. Moneybird started as an online invoicing tool, but grew to a complete bookkeeping package. At the moment there are 29 employees with different functions and more than 150.000 entrepreneurs are using Moneybird. Our vision is to make bookkeeping as easy as possible with smart innovations and an intuitive interface. We build on new features to make our software even faster, easier and clearer every day.

Since we want to move fast and stay flexible, it is important that our software is fast and flexible as well. Our old server architecture could be improved so it can grow with us. We decided to move our servers to the Kubernetes platform. This helps us deploy faster and autoscale servers when we need more capacity. Moving to this platform without downtime was a challenge and in this lecture we are going to talk about how and why we moved to Kubernetes for our old server architecture.

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Lunch lecture Moneybird
Tuesday 7 January 2020 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link