DipsomanIA: Online Abscint TuAD

We really miss you during drinks. We understand, a discord drink without anything to do can be boring. Yes, we all want to play some games, like 'honderden' or some dice games, but that just gets hard on Discord. That's why the DipsomanIA has been busy developing an Online Abscint™️!

Join us coming tuesday at 4pm, both on Discord as on https://dipsoman.ia.utwente.nl/, where we'll be playing some games! Note: There might not be a broad choice of games to play yet, the DipsomanIA tries to add games regularly and will keep you posted on updates. Have a good idea for a game? Don't hesitate to tell us!

tl;dr: Digital TuAD with online tabletop games, tuesday from 4pm in your Online Abscint

Who, what, where, when...

Theme Drink Committee
DipsomanIA: Online Abscint TuAD
Discord / https://dipsoman.ia.utwente.nl
Tuesday 14 April 2020 from 16:00 until 22:00 iCal-link