Lunch lecture Technolution

Technolution is a technology integrator that brings business, technology and knowledge together. With an organization of around 200 employees, technolution designs and implements custom solutions for its clients. Development always starts with an innovative idea, either from the client, or developed together. Technolution develops and realizes the system or product using their technical expertise and knowledge of the specific domain. Post-delivery they also offer maintenance and support and life cycle management. Ideas for improvement often flow from use, thus closing the loop. Technolution deploys their multidisciplinary expertise in an effective way to find the best solution for every client, whether this means developing electronics, programmable logic, (embedded) software or a combination of these things. Sometimes this involves 100% customization, but they use their ‘building blocks’ wherever possible to create tailor-made solutions within a short time span.

For this lunchlecture Michael Dubbeldam, Sr. Architect at Technolution and Michael Schoustra, MSc student Cognitive Robotics TU Delft will be giving a talk regarding applying computer vision to tracking urban cycling traffic within privacy boundaries. "At Technolution, we use a combination of object detection and object re-identification to measure bicycle traffic flow. This is done within the boundary conditions of citizen privacy laws and regulations. In this lecture, we will discuss the product development, we will demonstrate the concept and effectiveness of the solution and show how we safeguard the privacy aspects."

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Lunch lecture Technolution
Tuesday 10 March 2020 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link