DipsomanIA: Build Your Own Game

As you might have seen already, the Online Abscint is up and running at https://dipsoman.ia.utwente.nl/. A couple of games are developed for it, but more games is more fun! Unfortunately, many activities - such as the GameJam - will not be organised this year. That's why we, the DipsomanIA, decided to start our own small variant of it, especially for the Online Abscint: The Online Abscint Build Your Own Game!

This activity is an activity for the whole faculty EEMCS. Therefore, you can also join the activity with teammembers from other studies!

What's going to happen? In the extended weekend of the 21st until the 24th - from thursday to sunday - we invite you to our small GameJam. Together with a team of at most 3 people, you can then start working on developing your own game, that can be integrated into the Online Abscint. Building on the framework that is already there, or - if you have big ideas - extending the framework and then building an epic game! You'll get the support of some members of the DipsomanIA in case you need help and you will find your web-based game publicly back on the one and only Online Abscint.

What kind of games should I build? Well, that doesn't matter! If you have an amazing idea, just build it! It's all about what you want to build: Some cardgames, Taipan, Spectrangle or even Abalone. Maybe Tron, Bomberman, Stratego, Liars Dices, 'Pesten', Cluedo, Risk, Monopoly... Our only two requirements are: Make sure it is a multiplayer game and make sure it can be played from within the browser.

After the weekend, the committee will make sure to pick some of the best games that were made and award the creators with a nice prize! On friday, the 29th of May, during the Friday Afternoon Drink on Discord, the winners of the prizes will be announced and all the created games will be up and running for the whole association (and beyond) to play!

How do I create a game?

You can find all the necessary information to create a game on this page: https://dipsoman.ia.utwente.nl/gamejam

Note: Only one person in the team has to enroll. This will be fine, as long as he or she notes down the names of the persons in your team.

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

Who, what, where, when...

Theme Drink Committee
DipsomanIA: Build Your Own Game
from Thursday 21 May 2020 9:00 until Sunday 24 May 2020 23:59 iCal-link