GameCie WAN Party

Are you bored sitting at home all alone? Then come join us in the next GameCie activity! We are organizing a WAN in which we are going to play the following games:

Trackmania Nations Forever Are you speed? Do you like racing, extreme speeds and cool stunts? Look no further than Trackmania Nations Forever! The entire evening you will be able to improve your times on 3 maps, 1 exciting community map and 2 awesome custom GameCie maps. The person with fastest total time will be crowned the winner. The game is free to play for everyone.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive We will organise a wingman tournament for CSGO. This is a 2v2 gamemode in CSGO. You can sign up with a buddy or without a buddy, if you do not have a buddy we will match you with someone else. We will make a bracket for all the teams. It is a best out of 16 game, whoever wins continues in the bracket. If you win with your team, you will do a 1v1 to compete for the price. CSGO is a free game, you do not need the paid version for this tournament. We will post the server details on the night itself. Keep in mind that we, in contrast to the other games, will have a fixed time when you can play.

Golf with your Friends Do you want none of that doom and gloom CS:GO is offering? Don’t like race-games? Well look no further, because we are also playing Golf with your Friends, the most exciting game since Tetris! Compete against your friends to win an amazing price and eternal bragging rights because you beat them. You don’t have to own the game to participate, we offer hotseat multiplayer through Parsec. If you want to compete in the most exciting game ever, please sign up and indicate if you own the game on Steam.

You can win cool prizes by participating in these games! Don't miss out and join us on the 20th of May starting at 20:00. If you want to join and play your own games you are welcome to come. Do sign up if you want information on how to join the tournaments and to sign up with a teammate for CS:GO.

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

Who, what, where, when...

Gaming Committee
GameCie WAN Party
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from Wednesday 20 May 2020 20:00 until Thursday 21 May 2020 0:30 iCal-link