Online Cooking Workshop

The holidays have finally arrived, but in the last few months student life has been special to say the least. If you have been staying at your parent’s house for a few months, you might have even forgotten how to cook. Luckily, the candidate board is here to help you out! We have immersed ourselves into the culinary world to find some great dishes that we want to show to you. Join our cooking workshop to get to know us, and to learn some great dishes that are still affordable. You can find us on our Twitch livestream on the 18th of July, where we will be showing you how to create a delicious three-course meal. We will start the stream at 15:30, and the workshop begins around 15:45. If you want to join along with our cooking, you can find the menu with ingredients here:

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Candidate Board '20-'21
Online Cooking Workshop
Saturday 18 July 2020 from 15:30 until 20:00 iCal-link