High Beer Drink

After this long vacation, are you also looking forward to a few exceptionally pleasant specialty beers on the terrace? Now that the new year has started, the drinks can of course start again! DipsomanIA therefore provides a delicious High Beer outdoor drink with fantastic specialty beers and delicious snacks to taste.

You get an IPA, a Tripel, a Dubbel and a Blond beer. In addition to our snacks, you can also enroll for a delicious dinner from the cooking club (that will be on the website as another activity)! Alternatively, you can also enroll for a burger from BurgerMe.

Of course we ensure that everything is corona-proof and that you can still have a nice drink! Enroll yourself on time, because we can only offer a limited number of places!

Don't forget to bring warm clothes for if it gets cold outside!

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

Who, what, where, when...

Theme Drink Committee
High Beer Drink
O&O square
Tuesday 22 September 2020 from 16:00 until 22:00 iCal-link
8.00 euro