Inter-Actief Top 100 kickoff

After a successful edition last year the list of lists returns!

In this turbulent year a lot has happened. FC Twente remained in the Eredivisie, an impeachment procedure against Trump was started, and, well, corona & elections in the states. To end this year on a good note the third installment of the Inter-Actief Top 100 café is being organised. Just like the top 2000 café , we are going to build our own cosy café where you can hear the 100 best songs. These songs are chosen by you, through your top 10! Whilst it will be a special edition because of the whole corona situation, it will be extra special since Inter-Actief is turning 40 years old. What this festivity means for the Top 100 & its items will still remain under the robes.

However, what we do need is a list. And your vote counts!

Join the Inter-Actief discord, tomorrow (tuesday) 16:00, blow off some steam from the first couple of days of the new module & join the kickoff of the Inter-Actief Top 100 café, where the digital voting booths will open!

P.s. If you need some inspiration for your top 10, last years list is available at

Who, what, where, when...

Members' Initiative
Inter-Actief Top 100 kickoff
Inter-Actief discord
Tuesday 10 November 2020 from 16:00 until 20:00 iCal-link