Advent of code

Christmas is in danger, and Santa Claus needs your help to save it! Luckily for us, we can save christmas with programming. This year, the Advent of Code will take place again, and you can compete against others at the Inter-Actief leaderboard. If you want to participate, you can go to and join our leaderboard using this code: 212892-f117de9e. You can also join our Whatsapp group to discuss the excercises:

What is the Advent of Code?

The Advent of Code is an advent calendar, but with programming excercises as gifts. Each day, a new task will open up, which you can solve. The problems can be part from different fields of computer science, but they are still doable even for novice programmers. So even if you just started programming, or if you are an experienced veteran programmer, there is something to enjoy for everyone.

Who, what, where, when...

Advent of code
from Tuesday 1 December 2020 0:00 until Friday 25 December 2020 23:59 iCal-link