GameCie Minecraft weekend

It’s almost time for a holiday again and what better way to start the holiday than by playing some Minecraft? On Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February we will organize a different Minecraft game every evening at 20.00. If you are not whitelisted on the IA server yet, send an emailwith your username to

We start on Friday with a surprise game and what we will do will be announced on the evening itself. On Saturday we will host a build battle and on Sunday we have a race to the end planned. All players are set loose at the same time and try to beat the Ender dragon as fast as possible. So join in for some chaotic fun during the GameCie Minecraft weekend. We hope to see you there!

Who, what, where, when...

Gaming Committee
GameCie Minecraft weekend
IA Discord & IA Minecraft server
from Friday 19 February 2021 20:00 until Sunday 21 February 2021 23:59 iCal-link