Pandora: Games of Gallia

From 31 May to 4 June the annual Pandora week takes place again! In the past months, the Pandora Committee has worked very hard to create an amazing Pandora. During the Pandora Hype Drink, the theme has been announced, and the pregame has already started with great success. Meanwhile, the last preparations are being made, but everything seems to indicate that, despite the measures, it will be a great Pandora!

No idea what Pandora is? Pandora is a puzzle event on campus that lasts a week and is organized annually by an Inter-Active committee. Teams with a maximum of 6 people compete against each other each day by solving a daily puzzle series that starts after the general meeting. Each team is provided with a number of weapons and receives the first puzzle of the day after each meeting. Solving each puzzle leads to the location of the next one. In addition to solving puzzles, teams can also earn points by "killing" each other. So pay extra attention when you're looking for a puzzle.... for more information see our website or watch the How to Pandora video

There are still a few places available, and registration is still possible until the 20th of May, so register quickly with a team on our website: website If you are already participating, join our discord for updates, and otherwise follow our socials to get even more fun during the week! Instagram and Facebook**

Who, what, where, when...

Pandora 2021
Pandora: Games of Gallia
from Monday 31 May 2021 0:00 until Friday 4 June 2021 23:59 iCal-link