After-election drink

You must have noticed that it is election time again. The moment when all political parties try to put their best foot forward again to win you over as a voter, but where they only succeed in varying degrees. The promises are flying around, statements are made that are rectified a few days later and as the icing on the cake, the politicians try to accuse each other of not adhering to the corona measures. Complete chaos reigns, all while you are still trying to fill in one of the many voting guides.

However, filling in the various voting guides until the result of a voting guide matches the party you wanted to vote for is no longer necessary on the 19th: you no longer have to worry about the special FvD campaign bus on the Oude Markt with Thierry coming to shake your hand, because the votes have been count.

You have done your duty again, with your own red pencil as a souvenir. To celebrate this, the SocCie has organized the After-election drink for you! We always say this: It is better to chug a beer online in the Abscint than to watch this political chaos from the House of Representatives at the last sprint. / Rather with a beer in the Online Abscint, or a shot, than listen in the House of Representatives how some politician comes up with something on the spot. / Rather win the beer relay first prize than skate with Wopke in Thialf on ice / Rather in the Abscint all the way, to the end, than discussions about a nuclear power plant.

Do you think you know what the result will be and do you dare to bet some beers on it? Then vote before 15 March at: and who knows, you might win the chance to make Frank chug a beer! Around 5 o'clock during the drink you will hear if and what you have won!

P.S. On presentation of your red pencil, a free beer can be picked up from your local fridge.

Who, what, where, when...

After-election drink
online Abscint
Friday 19 March 2021 from 16:00 until 22:00 iCal-link