Freshmen Speed dates

In collaboration with the Housekeepers we are organizing a freshmen speed dating event!

While you might have seen them during lectures and on Discord, it has been hard to really meet your fellow students this year. Especially for if you are just new here it might be hard to get in touch with others.

Here is the opportunity to get to know some of your fellow freshmen! Monday the 22nd of March you can meet your fellow freshmen during quick speed dates. During the rounds you will meet a bunch of your fellow freshmen, and (for TCS students) you can even win some points for your own House. Can you get your house on top? Give it a go!

Now, your social skills may have suffered a bit this year, but no worries, we will provide you all with some talking points to fill those awkward silences ?.

If you want to partipate, please enroll to this activity so we can work out a planning and contact you about the details!

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

Who, what, where, when...

Freshmen Speed dates
Monday 22 March 2021 from 19:30 until 22:30 iCal-link