Lunch lecture OVSoftware: Railway-oriented programming

In your common modern-day object-oriented codebases, written in languages like Java or C#, there is a tendency for the flow of code to be disrupted by error handling. What was once a clean top-to-bottom checklist of what a method does, is now mired in null-checks and try-catch blocks.

What if we could use techniques inspired by functional programming languages to have code that reads like the original happy path, but still have the error handling we need? What if we could reduce the use of exceptions to exceptional cases only? What if we could tell people we use monads like it is no big deal? Railway-oriented programming might be the way to achieve this!

In this lecture, Charl will take you through the basic principles involved in railway-oriented programming and his experiences implementing it in a medium-sized C# codebase at one of OVSoftware's customers.

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Lunch lecture OVSoftware: Railway-oriented programming
Tuesday 23 March 2021 from 12:50 until 13:35 iCal-link