Lunch lecture PolderValley: LET'S PLAY DARTS!

Future Developers: LET'S PLAY DARTS!

A software system should meet the end-user's needs to enable successful adoption. Generally, end-users do not build these systems themselves. They use and view the system from the outside, the business (problem) perspective. Software engineers who build these systems have the natural tendency to view the system from the inside, the technical (solution) perspective. The mismatch in system views can lead to software systems that do not meet the end-user's expectations. Chances of successful adoption increase if developers are capable of building the system from the outside perspective. In this case, agiles principles and practices are the building tools to use.

This presentation compares the development process of a simple darts application executed by the classical and the agile developer. The goal of this presentation is to show future developers what 'LET'S PLAY DARTS!' actually means.

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Lunch lecture PolderValley: LET'S PLAY DARTS!
Tuesday 4 May 2021 from 12:50 until 13:35 iCal-link