CAPE Group Lunch Lecture: Software on the move

The world of software development is continuously on the move, just like the world we live in. Hard coding is not the only way to develop the best solutions anymore. Especially for organizations with an environment that is continuously subject to change, software should be able to adapt and grow with the company. Low-code technology is a perfect solution for fast software development. This technology approaches software development from business perspective: it supports business processes and results in competitive advantage for the company. Low-code developers are able to think with the company and challenge them to be innovative and stay ahead. Not surprisingly, in the world of business application development, low-code's popularity is rising at breakneck speed.

This lunch lecture will elaborate on the possibilities of low-code, based on a practical business case of a large Dutch postal company. The goal is to show that advanced solutions can be developed with low-code. But also the new challenges that come with the architectures of microservice solutions.

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CAPE Group Lunch Lecture: Software on the move
Tuesday 18 May 2021 from 12:50 until 13:35 iCal-link