Summer break TueAD

Esteemed members,

Far too little drinks have been able to take place in the previous academic year, causing the current freshmen and second-years’ students to barely get to know the wonderful drinking culture our beautiful association has to offer. From all Tuesdays in the previous academic year, only 16% contained a Tuesday Afternoon Drink. The hectolitre discount which took care of our wonderful 40-cent beers needs some help, and the pissing gutter is not living up to its name anymore. We have got some drinks to catch up with

Therefore the SocCie strives to offer you every Tuesday until the Kick-In a wonderful Tuesday Afternoon Drink! Take your dogroup brothers and -sisters with you, enjoy some nice weizens in the sun or start the afternoon by ordering a dozen beers straight after the renowned ‘four o’clock jingle’. The concrete implementation of the drinks may vary and are dependant on talks with the university on Testing for Access and location -possibilities, so watch this space. In addition to these drinks there are also possibilities for cosy jollifications outside of the Tuesday for which you will be informed in due time. Do you have an idea for a nice drink? Feel free to shoot us a message.

Enrolling for drinks can be done on the relevant activity on the Inter-Actief website, these usually have a deadline due to the food order. Have you missed the enrolment deadline but still feel like grabbing a drink? Mail or send one of us a message and we’ll check if there’s a space left.

Tl;dr: We’ve some drinks to catch up with: Tuesday Afternoon Drink every Tuesday of the Summer Holiday

Enroll for access to this activity because of maximum capacity.

Although the lockdown is over, corona is not yet. Therefore, pay attention to the following:

  • You are sitting at a table with three others

  • In case of complaints, stay home, get tested

  • At the entrance there is a QR code for guest registration, fill it in.

Urgent advice from the university: do a self-test before coming to campus.

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

Who, what, where, when...

Summer break TueAD
Vrijhof Terras
Tuesday 6 July 2021 from 16:00 until 22:00 iCal-link