Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Beyond software development

The first lunch lecture of the year will be on Tuesday, the 7th of September at 12:55! Sign up now for free lunch from Subway!

Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Beyond software development

The struggle of the last few decades to build, maintain and change software systems has led to the realisation that organizations such as the Dutch Tax Authority should focus more on cultivating a knowledge process than on the development of software. Instead of translating domain knowledge into code, we write code for tools in which domain experts can express their knowledge and that automate the production of code that can execute this knowledge. In this talk, we will discuss how knowledge can get lost in translation (to code), and how to avoid that. We discuss the use of domain specific languages to represent knowledge at the right level of abstraction; show the use of controlled natural language to express knowledge related to fiscal rules, and how to make tooling that can be used for analysis and validation and for the automatic transformation to executable code.

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Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Beyond software development
Tuesday 7 September 2021 from 12:55 until 13:40 iCal-link