Lunch lecture Voortman Steel Group

At Voortman Steel Machinery, we develop machines for the steel processing industry. Some examples of machines that can come to mind are machines that are able to drill or cut steel beams. Optimizing the order in which a machine performs its actions can save time and influence the quality of the production. Developing software to create such schedules poses all kinds of technical challenges, such as, how to model the problem domain and which algorithms could be used to handle the large number of permutations. During this presentation we will give insight into how Voortman is tackling these challenges.

Wiebren & Martijn from Voortman Steel Group will give a Lunch lecture this week, with free lunch provided!

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Committee for Lectures and Excursions
Lunch lecture Voortman Steel Group
Carré 3C
Tuesday 12 October 2021 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link