[WoE] Interview with Doina Bucur and Tom van Dijk

Have you always wanted to get to know Doina and Tom better? Do you want to ask them questions while we make them try snacks from their respective countries? Come and meet the teachers! We will have an open ‘interview’ with them on the 1st of December at 3:50 in Carré 2 K. You can also submit your questions for the guests here: https://forms.gle/V2rKoVTPqnpjjhvV6)

See you there!

This activity is part of the Week of Education. Check the site for the other activities!


  • Due to the current covid measures the activity might change or get cancelled.

Who, what, where, when...

Education Committee
[WoE] Interview with Doina Bucur and Tom van Dijk
Carré 2 K
Wednesday 1 December 2021 from 15:50 until 16:45 iCal-link