Company dinner

This company dinner is organized together with Baker Tilly, YER, Nedap and Eijsink. With each course, you will get to talk with people from another company.

If you want to join this dinner you need to send your CV to This CV needs to be received on or before November 16th 2022 23:59. With this activity there is a maximum of 20 students. If there are more then 20 sign-ups a selection will be made by the companies based on your CV

When enrolling for the Company Dinner, you agree that and anonymized version of your CV is sent to the participating companies. When you are selected to take place, an unanonymized version of your CV is sent to the participating companies. Signing up for the activity does not guarantee a spot at the Company Dinner.

Baker Tilly (website)

Baker Tilly is an accountancy and advice organization and has been around for 105 years. Since its foundation in 1914, we have grown into an organization with 13 branches (including a IT audit and IT advice department) and 900 employees. We focus on (larger) SMEs, including family businesses and (medium-sized) public organizations. We also have a strong focus on healthcare organizations and the public sector. We conduct conversations with our customers today that are important tomorrow. And because we are part of Baker Tilly's international network, our expertise extends far beyond the Netherlands.

YER (website)

YER is an international recruitment agency specialised in permanent and temporary positions for professionals with a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree. We currently have ten branch offices in the Netherlands as well as locations in the United States and Belgium. Having been active in recruitment and placement since 1987, today YER is a leading international player in the market for both temporary and permanent jobs.

Our first priority is to obey the wishes and ambitions of our candidates and clients, so we are able to ensure we offer the perfect match between them. Our consultants are experienced and specialised in one or more job areas and sectors. This specialised knowledge combined with their personal dedication, makes them excellent career coaches with the ability to guide professionals in taking the next step in every career stage; from ambitious starters to experienced directors. For our clients, our consultants act as professional sparring partners and advisors on all aspects of recruitment.

Nedap (website)

We develop technology for life

We improve everyday life for people all over the world. With RFID technology we help retail employees reduce their time spent on searching for products and managing stock. Our access control systems protect people, places and possessions at any physical location that needs to stay secure – from businesses to government offices, hospitals, airports, schools, industrial sites and public venues. We help farmers take better care of their animals, through individual animal identification in our livestock technology. We improve traffic flow at the entrances and exits of parking garages, airports and business parks, using technology for the remote recognition of vehicles and drivers. Check to discover even more of our solutions.

First people, then technology

For a tech-firm at heart we’re extremely people-oriented. We see technology as the ultimate tool to improve people’s lives, not complicate them. That’s why our focus is always on creating elegant solutions that are easy to use and beautiful to look at.

We are taking the lead. Are you?

There’s a world of opportunities for both tech and business students at Nedap. If you want to make the most of your education, it’s time to take the lead and get in touch. You could be first in line for the best internships, student jobs and graduation assignments available.

Choose ambition. Choose growth. Choose excellence.


Eijsink (website)

We are Eijsink. The committed, reliable and innovation-driven partner for more than 8000+ customers in the Netherlands and beyond. Since 1984 we have been building on our ambition to make doing business more beautiful, more profitable and easier for our customers.

Whether it concerns catering, leisure, catering, sports or care. We always act proactively on the basis of knowledge, experience and partnership. As an automation partner, we have risen to the top in the market in no time, operating nationally with six branches and 220 employees. Of course, this only works if you offer your customers the best on all fronts, plus perfect service 24/7 and continuous innovation. We work hard for that. If you choose Eijsink, you choose quality and service. Always and everywhere.

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

Who, what, where, when...

Company dinner
Gallery Restaurant UTwente
Wednesday 23 November 2022 from 18:00 until 22:00 iCal-link