Culture Committee tafelfriet

Have you ever wanted to taste traditional dutch food, but have no idea where to start? The culture committee has you covered! On monday 13th of March there will be tafelfriet in Educafe. Tafelfriet (table fries in English) is a Dutch student dinner where a lot of french fries are piled on a foil covered table, and people can eat the fries with their hands. On top of the delicious tafelfriet, we will also have a variety of Dutch fried snacks available. We will have frikandellen, kroketten, and more. These snacks are perfect for dipping into one of the many Dutch sauces provided. wikipedia pages for more info on the snacks: Frikandel Kroket (under 'The Netherlands') So if you're looking to try some authentic Dutch food, come join us at Educafe on the 13th of March for tafelfriet and snacks! We look forward to seeing you there!

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

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Culture Committee
Culture Committee tafelfriet
Monday 13 March 2023 from 17:00 until 20:00 iCal-link
1.00 euro