Systeem Administration Committee

The system administration committee makes sure all the IT in and around Inter-Actief works and keeps working. On a sysadmin evening a lot of things are fixed, and tea and cola is available in abundance. Unfortunately, panic sometimes also strikes in the Inter-Actief room and a call to "BEHEEEEER!" is heared; 'all in a day's job'. The committee strives to do absolutely nothing. Of course this is a noble goal that will probably never be accomplished, since it is fun to try new stuff. These new things don't always work right away, do things you don't expect, or....

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18 years ago

Members (23)

  • Kevin Alberts Chairman
  • Jeffrey Bakker Prospective Member
  • Laurentiu Birton Prospective Member
  • Dex Bleeker General member
  • Jochem Bleeker Prospective Member
  • Ties Bolding General member
  • Lennart Buit General member
  • Frans van Dijk General member
  • Egbert Dijkstra Candidate board representative
  • Tom Grooters Prospective Member
  • Joran Honig General member
  • Martijn Hoogesteger General member
  • Yoep Kortekaas General member
  • Oebele Lijzenga Prospective Member
  • Jelle Nijland General member
  • Alexandru Cristian Olteanu Prospective Member
  • Erik Oosting Prospective Member
  • Yoeri Otten Prospective Member
  • Cathy Schmit Prospective Member
  • Stan Sjerps Prospective Member
  • Antoine Veenstra General member
  • Damian Verheijen Prospective Member
  • Jelte Zeilstra LTS

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