Pandora 2019

This committee organizes the 2019 edition of Pandora.

What is Pandora?

Pandora is a five-day puzzle hunt on the campus of the University of Twente by Inter-Actief members. Solving puzzles in teams and killing off members of rivaling teams grants points. Every evening a meeting will take place on campus in which information is provided to aid your quest. In addition, the story (which relates to the edition's theme) progresses every time through acting.

Participants of Pandora receive a weapon from the organization, which can be used to take care of fellow participants. Furthermore, participants have to solve puzzles with the hints that are hidden all over campus.

The first meeting (after which Pandora will take off) always takes place on the Monday evening. The location and time will be timely announced by the organization. There is a participation fee to finance weapons, among others. Before Pandora, the theme and committee will be revealed during the Pandora Hype Drink. During this drink registration opens and the pregame starts as well. The pregame is a warming-up for Pandora, a game which differs from year to year.

Current committee
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    Members (8)

    • Daniël Huisman Logistics
    • Joost Loohuis Secretary
    • Daan Middelkoop Website
    • Kaj van Rijn Treasurer
    • Pieter Staal Pregame
    • Frank Stapel Chairman
    • Reinier Stribos Board Representative
    • Wouter van Veelen Story

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