Almanac Committee '20/'21

The almanac committee is responsible for the development of an awesome book that displays everything that Inter-Actief has had to offer throughout the year(s), for example with information on members, committees, activities, etc. It provides members with an item that brings back amazing memories whenever they read it through in the future. To provide a unique experience with every almanac, each edition comes with a theme that is reflected in its layout and contents.

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Members (7)

  • Jeffrey Bakker Chairman
  • Danique Lummen T.B.A
  • Carlijn Meijerink Secretary
  • Gilian Schrijver Board Representative
  • Emma Sloot T.B.A.
  • Jotte Sonneveld T.B.A.
  • Wouter Suidgeest Treasurer

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  • There are no events