Witteveen+Bos is a consultancy and engineering firm. We are an international organisation with roughly 1300 employees worldwide. Our head office is located in Deventer, The Netherlands. Every day we apply our expertise to make our environment more sustainable. We contribute to projects related to clean water, the energy transition, coast and dike reinforcements, environmental studies, and many more societal challenges. We let the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) guide us in our work to make our society more sustainable.

What do we do?

Consultancy and engineering is becoming more and more digital. Witteveen+Bos chooses to take a leading role in this transformation, by developing its own custom digital solutions. The business line Digital Acceleration & Support is at the centre of this ambition. Together with our specialists we create novel digital engineering solutions. We have for example created our own VR participation platforms, to inform residents and potential users of infrastructure projects such as the highway A58. We apply AI to optimize purification processes in waste water treatment plants. We analyze and visualize big data for port authorities, to give insight in the use of their port. We help optimize industrial design and production processes.

Who works there?

Within business line DAS most people have a background in IT: we have developers, consultants, project managers, and product marketeers. Within the other business lines you’ll find the more traditoinal engineers: civil engineers, mechanical engineers, eletrical engineering, environmental engineers, etc. Together we strive for a top performance. To get there, we offer personal and professional development. Junior employees participate in a specially tailored training programme. Together with other junior employees, you take part in a number of courses to develop yourself both personally and professionally. As you progress in your career, we offer you courses targeted to help you grow in your expertise.

Internships, final projects and work

Interested? Looking for an internship/final project/(parttime) job? Contact Wouter Klein Wolterink for an informal chat or visit our website.

A list of our IT job openings can be found here or send us an open application.

URL http://www.witteveenbos.nl/