Decentralized Education Award

You can nominate your favorite teacher for the Decentralized Education Award!

Every year, one teacher will be elected as best teacher of the year. This election is called the Central Education Award. As a preliminary round, every study association can nominate one teacher by organizing a Decentralized Education Award. For the Decentralized Education Award, you can nominate your favorite teacher!

Do you know a teacher who gives an inspiring story every time? Or you can explain difficult things in a way that everyone understands it? Nominate him / her before March 1th 12pm for the Decentralized Education award! You can nominate a teacher by e-mailing or enrolling to the Decentral Education Award Lunch Lecture.

From all nominations three teachers will be chosen by the OC. To determine a winner, the three teachers will give a short lecture during the Lunch Lecture the 8th of March. The 14th of March, the winner will be announced at the drink.