SNiC committee interest lunch June 22nd

IA will likely organise the next SNiC symposium, there will be an interest lunch for people who would be interested in doing so in the Abscint on the 22nd of June.

SNiC is a foundation that organises a yearly symposium for nine computer science study associations. One of these associations is, as you may know, Inter-Actief. At the last SNiC central meeting, it became clear that there is a high likelihood that Inter-Actief will have the honour of organising the 2019 edition of the SNiC symposium. In order to further increase our chances of being allowed to organise the symposium, the candidate board has decided that we will try to start up a committee in the coming weeks. If you are interested in organising the symposium or want to know more about SNiC in general, please feel free to visit the SNiC committee interest lunch on the 22nd of June. The lunch will take place from 12:30-13:30, in the Abscint. We will arrange free lunch, so please enrol on the website so that we have an indication of how many people we should expect. We will take applications at until the 29th of June, and thereafter all people that applied will be invited for a short interview. If you have any questions at this time, please feel free to send an email to the board!