[April Fools] Worries about new alcohol covenant, municipality announces more frequent checks

Last summer the new alcohol covenant entered into force at the UT. The effects of this are now clearly visible and are worrying.

In response, the municipality of Enschede has announced that it will carry out additional checks.

Since the new alcohol covenant entered into force, drinking a beer behind while bartending has been forbidden, which led to a lot of protest from various UT associations because this would seriously affect the drink culture. Finding bartenders would be impossible, no one would like to spend hours behind the bar without being able to drink along.

Now, half a year later, this effect does not seem to work out as was thought earlier. After a recent conversation with a special officer of the municipality, students have shown solidarity with the bartenders and starting 1st of April 2019 only non-alcoholic beverages will be provided in the drinking rooms on campus.

The municipality has announced that they are not happy with this and will go into discussion with the association boards. "So much sugar is very unhealthy for young adults whose brains are still developing," said a spokesperson. "Diabetes is an increasingly common illness among young people, and we find that a very worrying development."

This development does not only occur in Enschede, other cities recognize the problems. In the National Prevention Agreement, the Association of Dutch Universities, the VSNU, says that universities are working towards an effective drink policy. Inter-Actief welcomes the initiative. ”We will compare the results of the national survey with our current policy to see what else we can do on campus to encourage students to use sugar responsibly. In doing this we are working together with the boards of the study and student associations, who are also positive about these national developments” says chairman Jelle van den Wijngaard.