Board interview deadline, Sunday 15th of March

Every year several heros rise to form the new board of Inter-Actief. Are you ready?

Like every year, Inter-Actief is searching for a new board that will take on the daily operations and steer the association in the academic year of 2020/2021. With more than 1200 members and 200 volunteers, this is quite the task.

Will you...

...lead your team effectively and represent the association towards hundreds of students?

...take on the correspondance and reporting for the entire association?

...manage hundreds of thousands of euros?

...motivate a new class for activism and guarantee the continuity of the association?

...maintain more than fifty partnerships with companies and single-handedly finance the association? the voice of our students regarding the quality of our education?

A full-time board year at Inter-Actief is an informative experience. You will encounter various challenges and project your vision on the association. Furthermore, a board year is full of amazing activities and you will learn countless of new people. Will you grab this opportunity?

Send a mail to the board before next Sunday, the 15th of March, in which you indicate your interest. You will then be invited for an interview. Are you unsure whether a board year at Inter-Actief would fit you? Approach one of the board members in the association room, or send an email!