[April Fools] New UT rules considering online drinks

The University of Twente seems to have found out about study associations finding ways to avoid the alcohol convenant.

Since the University buildings have closed, associations have tried alternatives to have their weekly drinks online. However, research found out that 60-70% of the online drink attendees live on campus, resulting in the activity to be considered on campus following UT rules. In addition, people are serving drinks themselves while being far from sober, besides not having a valid IVA certificate. The UT considers this as violation of the alcohol convenant, and has therefore decided not to allow any more alcoholic beverages during online drinks via Discord, Google Meet, Skype and other online video platforms.

Unfortunately, Inter-Actief sees no other option than to follow these new rules set by the University. We will therefore no longer allow beer or other alcoholic beverages during our online drinks, but we will leave the online Abscint on the Inter-Actief Discord server open to have a chat while enjoying a non-alcoholic beer or soda. Naturally, we hope that the UT buildings will be opened again soon, so we can finally go back to our beloved Abscint to have a real, non-virtual beer!

Stay safe, and stay home!

Kevin, Reinier, Gerrit-Willem, Denise, Patrick and Danique.