Inter-Actief celebrates its 8th lustrum!

On March 12th, 1981, Inter-Actief was founded, and so, today, we celebrate the 8th lustrum of our association!

The Lustrum committee has worked towards this day for some time now, and has prepared some nice festivities for you to take part in, even during these weird corona times.

Of course, the birthday boy or girl hands out treats. So, this morning, you can send in your name and address at and a LuCie member might drop by to drop of a present! Furthermore, this afternoon we would like to gather on Discord to toast to the Lustrum together at 4 o’clock. Make sure to be online a bit before 16:00 as our toast will be live at 16:00 at!

Lastly, tonight, we organize the Thales Mixelate Workshop. After the success of the previous online cocktail workshop a lot of people requested another one, so we have arranged for our master mixer and bartender Prem to guide you through the workshop tonight. Make sure you check whether all ingredients have been provided to you beforehand, and if not, send us an email at The workshop starts at 20:00 and a link to the stream will be provided tonight!

Congrats on the Lustrum and we hope you have a great day!