New covid measures

Due to the current covid measures, unfortunately, several things can't continue. However, the Inter-Actief room will, fortunately, remain open.

Last Friday, the 12th of November, the government announced new covid measures, and yesterday, the 15th of November, the university decided which measures they would take as a response. During this lockdown period, fewer activities will be able to continue. But fortunately, the Inter-Actief room will still remain open for questions, printing, or simply getting coffee and snacks.

However, while the advise stands to work from home, the Inter-Actief room is not meant for social gatherings or large groups. Next to that, we would like to point you to the advice of the university to frequently make use of self-tests, and to the mandatory use of face masks while moving around the university.

For now, those are all relevant updates. We as the board hope this informs you well enough, and we hope you stay safe.