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What is a Study Tour and who organizes it?

MISC is a study tour of study association Inter-Actief, of the University of Twente. We are planning on visiting Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in fall 2016, visiting companies, universities and taking cultural trips. The theme for this study tour is ‘Intelligent & Secure Cities’, which means our participants will be taking courses around this theme and we will visit companies abroad which fit within the theme.
A Study Tour is organized every two years by Inter-Actief. Previous destinations included the United States, Brazil, China, South-Korea, Japan and India.


study association for Computer Science and Bussiness & IT

Study Tour MISC is one of the many committees of Inter-Actief, the study association for all Computer Science related educational programmes from the faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Twente. The association’s 900+ members combine their efforts to organize many social, sportive and IT related activities.

 These include (but are certainly not limited to):

  •  Weekly guest lectures by partners of the association about an interesting IT subject.
  • Every Friday there is a drink at the association’s own bar for socializing.
  • Yearly symposia.

Furthermore students can also turn to Inter-Actief if they have questions or complaints about their study. Inter-Actief uses her experience and uses its connections with the faculty or University to solve the issues. For more information you may visit

University of Twente

High Tech human touch

The University of Twente is where talent can best realize its full potential. Students and staff are the key. Together, 3,300 scientists and professionals carry out ground-breaking research, bring about socially relevant innovation, and provide inspiring teaching for more than 9,000 students. To us, entrepreneurship comes as second nature. The campus is home to around 100 businesses, including student-run businesses. The University of Twente has also generated more than 700 successful spin-off companies. The university’s business park, Kennispark Twente, encourages and assists entrepreneurs to start new companies. But there’s so much more than that happening on our wonderful, green campus.

Board of Recommendation

The following people acknowledge the importance of international educational tours such as Study Tour MISC, and support MISC. To endorse this position they took place in the Board of Recommendation.

Dr. ir. G.J. Heijenk

Director of Education of Technische Informatica, Computer Science and Telematics at the University of Twente.

Dr. L. Ferreira Pires

Programme Director of the Business Information Technology Bachelor and Master at the University of Twente.

Prof. dr. H. Brinksma

Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente.

Mr. O. van Veldhuizen

Mayor of Enschede (location of the University).