One more blog post

After each visit, the company wanted to take a picture with us. After the umpteenth picture, there was ‘one more’ picture, and after that picture again ‘one more’ picture. We heard this phrase so often that it became the motto of our group. So hereby, one more blog post! The tour had come to an […]

Sharp contrasts

When Saturday morning rolled around, quite a few hungover faces accompanied the tired and sick faces of the rest of the group. By this point in the study tour everybody was either a little bit sleep deprived, a little bit ill or trying to drink through a combination of the two. No matter how anyone […]


The second day in Jakarta started with a company visit to the University of Indonesia, which meant a very early rise for most of the participants and a slightly later wake up time for the clever group of participants that had the foresight to book a hotel closer to the university. The university welcomed us […]

Train through the rice fields

Today is the day we are travelling to the final place of this study tour: Jakarta. We had the entire morning off for spare time. Most students used this for catching up with some sleep. We went with some other people to our –as called by some – ‘stamkroeg’ to grab something to eat, which […]

Bandung Command Center

9 AM, the alarm rings and the first daily I’m awake message are already in MISC WhatsApp group. The karaoke of last night was a huge success and everyone had a good night’s sleep. Today we have only one company visit: the Bandung Command Center, which is within walking distance of the hotel. At breakfast […]

University Day

Yesterday we had a cultural tour through Bandung but today it was time to go back to business. On the way to the first visit of the day, Telkom University, some participants started having some issues with their stomach. It turned out that the local food of the previous days provided some issues to some […]

One more time!

Today we had our first full day in Indonesia and we have to say that we are impressed by the city of Bandung. As it was a Sunday there were no company visits scheduled for today, however, the committee had put together a very interesting schedule for a cultural day.   The day started with […]

The Eagle has flown

At the moment the last group of people came back from the club to the hotel, the Eagle was just checking out. So we were able to say good bye once more to the Eagle and then took a short night of sleep.   The next day we stepped into the bus that would take […]