Our last night in Singapore

At 7 am we could enter the queue for breakfast. It was quite busy, since a large group of tourist arrived the day before and decided to also get up early. The people of our group were easy to identify by their clothing, since the dress code for today’s first company visit was business formal, also the difference in length was quite obvious.


For our last night in Singapore we would stay at a different hotel, so all our bags where gathered and carried to the bus, to be once more placed in the trusted hands of our commission, what could possible go wrong? It was quite the funny sight to see some of us wearing suits with backpacks, or dress code ‘business adventure’ as we call it.


Once we, and our bags, were all in the bus, we headed to our first (out of 3) company visit to the MAS Fablab. After we went through the security check and got our visitors pass, we went to the presentation room on a floor that was currently being renovated. The presentation showed that MAS has big plans for the future of money transactions and they support startups to help them solve some of the related problems. After the presentation we could look at an exhibition about MAS and we received a complementary book, which was so big that it would look really good in our bookcases, but our suitcases decided we should only take a few.


After the first visit we went by the hotel quickly to drop our bags and were allowed to switch our dress code to Business Casual. Unfortunately, this did not help too much, because it was very hot outside. Next up was our visit to the startup company SwarmX, who showed us their awesome drone technology. The tour was given by a very enthusiastic American, like you would expect from an American, but this is a good thing, since this kind of dedication and passion is exactly what SwarmX needs to succeed.


While we were a bit behind schedule we had to hurry up to arrive in time at the next company. We were dropped out of the bus and went for a quick lunch before arriving at ST Electronics. Wybren and Sander G. decided this was a good time to go shopping for some swimming outfits, and they still managed to get back before most of the others, which was quite impressive. We were welcomed by ST Electronics and listened to their interesting presentations about the activities of the company. Unfortunately, there was not much room for questions afterwards, which was quite a pity because it is a very interesting company, which manages almost all smart electronic systems for the government. As an exchange of knowledge we also gave a presentation about the Kennispark and how our university interacts with entrepreneurship.


Now it was time to go to our hotel for our last night in Singapore. While it was not really a surprise anymore for us, we were still quite impressed by the gigantic complex where we would stay. We were staying in Marina Bay Sands, one of the most characteristic buildings in the skyline of Singapore. We dropped our luggage in our suites, which were quite high above the ground with a beautiful view over the bay. Unfortunately, we had not much time to enjoy the view, because we were going to a luxurious restaurant of Gordon Ramsay. We sat outside with a beautiful view over the city skyline and enjoyed our amazing dishes. Unfortunately, this was when we first experienced a real Singaporean “shower”. Luckily, the waiters were very kind and held some umbrellas above our heads, so we would not be disturbed by the few raindrops. After dinner, the last room reservation issues were solved and we could take a swim in the infinity pool at the 57th floor. The view was breathtaking, while we were swimming near the edge of the building, and we could see all the skyscrapers in all their luminous glory. This view was something all of us will never forget. Afterwards, we went for some drinks at the rooftop bar to celebrate Max’s birthday. Happy birthday Max! We are curious about how you will top this next year.




  1. Geweldig wat jullie meemaken!
    En mooi om het te volgen via de blogs.
    Veel plezier verder! Groeten, Hanneke.