Let’s go to Malaysia!

Today was the day we had to say goodbye to the beautiful Singapore and travel to Malaysia. We woke up in what is probably the nicest hotel in Singapore. We had the entire morning to enjoy our stay at this hotel even longer, and to have a very nice breakfast. The breakfast was great, with a lot of choice and very good food. We also had the chance to take a quick dive in the infinity pool at the top floor while watching the sun rise over the skyline of Singapore, which was probably the most beautiful view we’ve had so far this trip. Unfortunately, we had to check out at 12 o’clock (already).


Next, we dumped our bags in the bus and drove to Malaysia, the second country we will visit on this study tour. Upon leaving the island of Singapore and entering Malaysia, we were stuck in traffic waiting to cross the border. Suddenly, something on the other side of the road got our attention. Cars were actually driving backwards on the highway, on their way back to Malaysia. They probably weren’t looking forward to crossing the Singapore border.


After a long drive through Malaysia, we arrived at 19:00 in Malaka, a city near the sea, south of Kuala Lumpur. On the way, our awesome new guide named “Captain Jack” told us a little about the history of Malaka, which was actually quite long. Malaka was founded in 1206 by a Hindu prince. This prince started a war against Singapore, which led to Singapore sending assassins after him. Fortunately for him, he fled the country and founded the city of Malaka on the mainland. Malaka is located at a very good strategic location, which makes it possible for a lot of trade to go through Malaka. This led to Malaka becoming a relatively rich and large city, which was later colonized by the Portugese, British and the Dutch. Today, we can still see which country built certain buildings in Malaka. For example, there is a fortress, certain Dutch churches and even restaurants and pubs. Also during the bus trip, we stopped by a local restaurant somewhere, where we had great lunch, with entire fishes fried on the table!


After dropping our bags in the hotel, there was something very funny waiting for us. Apparently, a typical Malakan custom is taking a bike tour, in which a local drives you around in a bicycle with an extra double seat attached to it. Together with the LED-lights and decoration this gives a very special look. It was a great way to get to know Malaka. After this we went on a boat tour through the city. There is a river which is surrounded by houses, terraces and restaurants. Some people got splashed in the front because of the waves, which was for everyone except them quite funny. Afterwards we had dinner and a part of the group enjoyed the nightlife of Malaka, which is one of the best spots around to go out. We are looking forward to tomorrow, when we will be travelling to Malaysia’s capital: Kuala Lumpur!