Monday the 3rd of October was a unique day since we had the day off. This allowed us to go out sightseeing, do some laundry and sleep in for a change. The last option turned out to be the most popular, mainly because we enjoyed the Malaysian nightlife on Sunday evening. Zouk was the place where the booze flowed and we showed our flashing dance moves until we were told that we had to leave because they were closing. After a short taxi ride we finally found our beds to get some well needed rest.


When we finally woke up, most of us found it hard to get dressed properly because most of our clothes were dirty. In 32 degree weather, it’s difficult to wear a shirt more than one day without everybody in a room smelling the fact that you did. So we dragged our hungover bodies out of bed and sorted and counted all the clothes we wanted to have washed. After calling the reception, a man came to pick up our dirty clothes and we would have them returned by 8 A.M. the following morning. Of course the following morning our laundry was not finished yet, so a big switcharoo occurred in which people borrowed shirts and even pants from others who had brought more.



After laundry it was time to start up our TripAdvisor apps to find a place to get some breakfast, or more like lunch since it was already around 15:00 in the afternoon. We discovered a small food court in a shopping mall within walking distance. We discussed the events of last night while we worked down our delicious lunch, which of course consisted of rice, but also some meat that was boiled in gravy. Some of us were really improving their chop stick eating skills, while some were too hungover to care so they stuck with the more Western method of a fork and spoon. Having tamed our hunger we made our way to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre park which accompanies the Petronas towers, the most famous landmark of Kuala Lumpur. We enjoyed a walk through the park and subsequently visited the giant shopping mall beneath the towers. We found a shop with some decent and colourful polo’s, and as Malaysian clothing is dirt cheap, we decided to buy two different coloured polo’s each. After that we established the dress code #teampolo.




While team polo had their breakfast another group actually chose to do something a little more cultural with their spare time. Accompanied by our two teachers they went to the Batu Caves. These caves were high up inside a mountain where you can find a Hindu temple for prayer and a tour through a dark cave. After checking out the temple they went into the dark caves where various animals live in the dark. Of course there where various species of bats, such as the fruit and insect bat. But the scariest creature besides the spiders and large centipedes was a large rock climbing snake. After the walk through the pitch black caves, one of our teachers managed to secure a spot in the local Pokémon GO gym.




After a long night and sleeping in, the day was short and it was soon time for dinner. Team polo found a restaurant on TripAdvisor by the name of Opium KL. Hoping this kind of Opium would not get us the death penalty in Malaysia, we ordered an Uber and headed there. We ordered some delicious fish, a traditional Burmese soup and of course a beer to go along with the food. The beer was especially interesting as it was served in small jugs, and everyone was given a small bowl. The idea was to pour the beer into the bowl and drink out of it.
After dinner, some of the others went out to a cinema to watch a movie while team polo decided to have a slow and chill night at the hotel room. We tried to watch Zondag met Lubach on the terrible hotel WiFi and soon called it a night, because breakfast the next day was at 6:45 A.M…