The Eagle has flown

At the moment the last group of people came back from the club to the hotel, the Eagle was just checking out. So we were able to say good bye once more to the Eagle and then took a short night of sleep.


The next day we stepped into the bus that would take us to the airport. This was a not the most interesting bus trip, as most people were still quite tired and therefore sleeping. In the middle of those sleeping people I was updating the last parts of the financial administration of Kuala Lumpur.


When we arrived at the airport we dropped of our luggage and then most of us rushed to the McDonalds to quickly get a meal before we had to board our plane. Then we arrived at the security check and as many people were a bit sleepy in the morning, they forgot to remove all their liquids from their hand luggage. Luckily the security didn’t really seem to mind about that, as everyone could just pass.


Then we boarded the plane, which was more adapted to the average length of Asians than ours. Wybren and Sander G. got lucky that they did get an upgrade to the seats near the emergency exits, as they did not fit in other seats.
Then we arrived on the small airport of Bandung, where we could just walk over the airport. While walking there we had to watch out, as just when we were inside another airplane had to taxi where we just walked.


After we passed security and the people that stayed longer in Indonesia than 30 days obtained their visa, we could leave the airport. However, first we had to obtain some cash, so as treasurer I withdrew a total of 4 million. Then we bought all the SIM-cards from some local Indonesians that were just walking around at the airport.
Then we had to walk quite far to the bus, in which many people directly fell asleep again. To those that were awake our tour guide told something about Bandung and its Dutch origin.
When we arrived at the hotel, we checked in and directly after that started walking to a restaurant. While walking to dinner, we stumbled upon Luís, who had some meetings in Bandung.
As dinner took quite long, and many people could hardly stay awake during it, most people went to bed directly after it. But some of us used our last energy to do a final drink with Luís.
So this was not the most spectacular day with all the sleeping, but we arrived in Bandung, so our journey continues in our last country of the study tour…