One more time!

Today we had our first full day in Indonesia and we have to say that we are impressed by the city of Bandung. As it was a Sunday there were no company visits scheduled for today, however, the committee had put together a very interesting schedule for a cultural day.


The day started with a long trip by bus to do a vulcano tour at the Tangkuban Perahu. There is one road with a lot of bends to this vulcano, this in combination with the traffic (which mainly consists out of small motorcycles) caused that it took one and a half hour to travel 30km to reach the vulcano. The crater of the vulcano is 6000 years old and has a width of almost 800 meters. The last eruption was in 2013, the effects of this eruption are still visible in terms of gasses. One of the gasses is sulfur which can be identified by its smell: rotting eggs.


The vulcano is a very popular tourist attraction in the region of Bandung. Next to the crater a lot of small ‘shops’ can be found which sell products relating to the vulcano. You can buy for example stone eggs and t-shirts with a print of the vulcano. But it seemed that we were the main tourist attraction at the vulcano, as many of the visitors asked to take pictures with us (‘one more!’). Especially the participants longer than two meters can now be found in many holiday pictures.


After visiting the vulcano we went back Bandung to visit a tea plantage. Our tour guide told us about the history of tea plantages and the importance of it for the region. The tea plantage that we visited today was one of the many abandoned ones. The reason that these plantages are abandoned has to do with a shortage of labour. All young people get good education nowadays and they don’t want and need to work of tea plantages anymore.


The last cultural activity of today was at the visit to the Saung Angklung Udjo where we watched an Angklung performance by mainly children. Angklung is a music instrument from Indonesia which consists of bamboo. In the show several kinds of usages of the Angklung in daily live were presented. We not only listened and watched to the performance but we also got a small introduction on how to play the Angklung. As we already learned this during the pre study tour activities this was not very spectacular, though it was pretty funny. The show ended with children picking people from the public to perform a big dance. Many people of the study tour were chosen including us, and we have to say it was very funny and cool!


After the show finished we went back to the hotel and got some free time. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate since it rained during the afternoon and the beginning of the evening. According to our tour guide is the typical weather in Bandung: in the morning in the weather is nice and you get some sunshine, in the afternoon it starts to rain and in the evening it is dry again. Thankfully there were plenty of restaurants near by that required minimal exposure to the rain.


This was it for today, we hope you enjoyed reading our blogpost!