Train through the rice fields

Today is the day we are travelling to the final place of this study tour: Jakarta. We had the entire morning off for spare time. Most students used this for catching up with some sleep. We went with some other people to our –as called by some – ‘stamkroeg’ to grab something to eat, which was the steakhouse next to our hotel. They have some great sandwiches there, and a lot of students were actually craving some western food by now. Let’s just say that the people who had to clean some of the rooms of our group weren’t very happy to see some of the toilets, so some western food every once in a while was very much desired by some.


After lunch, it was time to check out and go to the train station. For this, the committee arranged cabs for everyone except Max and Julik. They had to walk to the train station, which was luckily only 1km away. We got onto the train (executive class of course), and we were off to Jakarta!


Before the study tour, the people of Hemminkways told us that travelling by train in Java is one of the most beautiful experiences one can do here. I think we can definitely agree on this now. Travelling by train is fantastic. The train doesn’t even drive very fast, probably about 80km/h max. During the trip, the train drives through tea- and rice fields, over beautiful wooden viaducts and more lush greenery. Overall, it is magnificent to just look out and appreciate the scenery you are driving through.


At about 18:30, we arrived in Jakarta. The first thing we noticed was how busy it is. Bandung had a lot of traffic, but this was basically nothing in comparison with Jakarta. We walked to the bus and met our new tour guide for Jakarta. We drove to the hotel (which of course took ages because of the traffic) and checked in. After this, we were free to get dinner wherever we wanted.
Not much more happened this day in the evening. For the most part, everyone went to bed early, since tomorrow is the day with the earliest wake-up time in the entire study tour. We are leaving with the bus to the University of Indonesia at 5:50! Therefore, a couple of people booked a random hotel/apartment near the University, in order to be able to wake up at a later time. However, getting to this hotel took ages because of the traffic again.


Overall, today was a beautiful day of travelling. Not much happened, but the trip by train was one of the best experiences one can have in Java!