University Day

Yesterday we had a cultural tour through Bandung but today it was time to go back to business. On the way to the first visit of the day, Telkom University, some participants started having some issues with their stomach. It turned out that the local food of the previous days provided some issues to some of the participants. When we arrived two participants sprinted out of the bus even before it was parked but luckily for everyone they made it on time.


Telkom University is a private university set up by Telkom Indonesia. The visit started off with two presentations, the first from a lecturer and the second of an ambitious student. The researcher told us about his research in web labels. The student showed two of the businesses she started with other students: one to prevent car accidents and another to people more comfortable at home by using technology to measure their mood and condition. It is hard to estimate the level of a university since for example already in Bandung there are about 200 ‘universities’, but there is no system like in the Netherlands where it is clear what the levels of the universities are. After the presentations we went on a short tour of the campus where two of the flagship research groups were proudly presented to us. These research groups were the robotics lab and the nanosatellite lab. After the tour of course we had to take ‘one more’ group picture.


In the afternoon we continued our tour to the Insitut Teknologi Bandung. One of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia with a tough selection for pre-university students. First up: a presentation from a professor about the smart city Bandung project that his research group is working on. We got numerous examples of applications that were developed for the local government to support citizens as well as the government to communicate. We got a tour around campus here too. The campus houses a lot of facilities: food courts, sports and cultural groups. Next to the campus there are housing facilities for the students.


In the evening we had free spending time. The group split up and we all had dinner at different venues. After dinner, one of the groups walked past a building with a large karaoke sign in front. First jokingly we decided to go in and check it out, but it turned out to be quite a lot of fun. We got our own room with a massive soundsystem and a karaoke machine and started ‘singing’. After a little while most of the rest of the group came and joined us and we got to celebrate Matthijs’ birthday at midnight.