Last company visit

We were happy that we did not have to get up really early on our last full day of the study tour. Bas gave us until 8.50 to get ready, which was by most of us thankfully used to sleep as long as we could. At a few minutes past nine we got in the bus to the last company visit: Pulse Lab.

As usual we arrived there quickly and we were again a bit early. The bus driver showed his skills by driving the bus through a very narrow entrance and the side driver held up the telephone and/or electricity cables so the bus could drive through. Afterwards the company visit at the lab of the United Nations could start. First Joyce introduced us and the University of Twente (as none of our supervisors was present) so the people there knew a bit more about us. Then Pulse Lab gave us an introduction into their ideas and products. This started a very open and interactive discussion with a number of the staff. All in all this was one of the best visits we had in Jakarta, a very positive note to end our company visits on.

Then the waiting game started. The participants were told that they should be ready in business formal clothing in the lobby at 4.30 pm. At the time we had no clue whatsoever what we were about to do later that night. That it would be an awesome activity was evident. After all, every last activity in each country was great and this one is also the last one of the tour. Especially Dennis tried to hype the activity even more by cryptically describing things and hoping people were guessing what we were going to do. None of us were fooled by this so this spoiled the fun for him. In the meantime people were getting lunch and packing their bags, waiting for the final activity to start.

Even before 4.30pm everyone was ready to go. Then we still had to wait a bit longer and people began guessing again. Bas’ pokerface was not as good as Dennis’, so we quickly found out that the karaoke bus that was in front of our hotel would be ours to use for the next couple of hours. As we got in the bus the lounge set in the back was directly claimed by ‘team polo’. They also started the karaoke party right away. Soon everyone was singing (or maybe more screaming on the top of their lungs) along with all time classics like “I want it that way”, “Money, money, money”, “YMCA” and eventually the Inter-Actief song as well. For how long we drove we do not remember as we had too much fun! After quite a while we also found Max and Mart back; they had been ‘missing’ from the hotel. We were more than happy to meet them as they brought the Moët, vodka and tequila on board. This made the party in the bus go even wilder!

After another drive for x time we arrived at the Jakarta beach. We got to a bar and ordered drinks next to the water that was given to us by the committee, who were hoping we would not be to drunk by the end of the evening. Some time later Dennis told us to come and witness the sunset. This was really odd as it was pinch black and the night had really set in. We quickly learned that we were approximately two hours behind schedule. Instead we just walked a bit along the beach and then the real reason for being there showed itself. A massive and beautiful firework show illuminated the night sky of Jakarta. We all just stood there watching, amazed, some of us arm in arm. At that moment everyone knew that this study tour was coming to an end, fast.

With a few fries in our stomach and an alcohol(-free) drink we dive back into the bus. We go back to the business of singing and the people in front of the bus press their hands to their ears. In the back of the bus you can’t hear yourself or others singing, but in front of the bus you only hear the voice of the person ‘singing’ in the microphone. When arriving at our final destination everybody was relieved. Some because the singing stopped and everybody because it was time for dinner.

Half past 11, finally dinner. The Skye restaurant offered us excellent food. After the food the location also offered a fantastic view, 56th floor, so that was to be expected. We had a few drinks and made ‘one more’ group picture, this was really the last one. It was an awesome last night and parting ways tomorrow will be hard (if people get out of bed in the first place).