Study Tour MISC has a total of 5 committee members and 23 participants. This enthusiastic group of people will discover our theme Intelligent & Secure Cities with us and visit Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The following students are part of MISC:

The Committee

Our Committee consists of 5 Bachelor- and Masterstudents in Computer Science or Business & IT. With this Committee, we hope to make study tour MISC a great success. Contact the entire committee at

Joyce Pebesma


Max Kerkers


Mart Oude Weernink

External affairs

Dennis Muller

Research coördinator

Bas Hendrikse

Travel coördinator

The Participants

Æde Symen Hoekstra

Frank Bloo


Jacco Brandt

Jasper Boot

Joeri Kock

Julik Keijer

Luc Jansen

Marnix de Vries

Martijn Gemmink


Meike Nauta

Michiel Bakker

Remco van der Veen

Rick Harms

Sander Bannink

Sander Gieselink

Sjoerd Wels

Sytse Hartvelt

Willem Siers

Wouter Kobes

Wybren Kortstra