Noodle 2012: South Korea and China

Noodle is the 2012 study tour by I.C.T. Study Association Inter-Actief. Use the top menu's to learn more about the organization, participants, tour program and affiliates. Our departure day is September 23rd, be sure to check back after our departure as we will be posting daily reports! Some participants will be publishing posts on their personal websites as well. Check out the participant blogs using the top menu to find their writings.

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감사합니다 and 谢谢

You should try and pronounce the title as “Gamsahabnida” and “Xièxiè”, to say “thank you” in Korean and Chinese, respectively. I’d like to use this title for the last-post-before-our-final-blog-post on our website, as a thank-you is in order to a lot of people :-)

We’ve already been back in the Netherlands for a couple of weeks now, and started the final activities that need to be done in order to finalize the study tour project, thus we cannot close the project just yet. There are still some things to do, such as the final part of our research and bundling all reports to a book that will become our final report. But also, the final balance has to be set up by our treasurer and approved by the general member assembly of Inter-Actief.

Looking back, we all had an experience that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, and perhaps some of us experienced things that will make us look at things differently than before the tour. Especially during the after-tour. Have a look at what Lex wrote about our time in Korea, and Nils about the part of the tour that took place in China and Hong Kong. The countries that we have visited differ a lot on various aspects. For instance, we didn’t get to see a huge skyline in Korea, compared to the amazing skylines of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

I’d like to grab and take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this tour possible: all committee members, the participants, professors that advised us where to go, professors that supervised the research, professors that joined us on our tour for supervision abroad, everyone who has helped us to come in contact with people in either Korea or China, our travel agency Hemminkways,

And finally, on behalf of the committee and all participants, I’d like to thank all companies, institutes and other organizations that were willing to welcome us. In Korea: KAIST, ETRI, the Compact Smart City organization, the RFID/USN center, Stony Brook University, Seoul National University, Samsung d’Light, EWHA Womans University, the Netherlands Office for Science and Technology (NOST) and Netherlands Education Support Office (NESO), AhnLab. In China: the Netherlands Consulate in Shanghai, Motion Global, Tongji University, Nedap, Jiao Tong University, Alibaba, Tsinghua University, Feitian Technologies, China Mobile and Microsoft Research Asia. And in Hong Kong: the Netherlands Consulate in Hong Kong and Philips Design.

We’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks ;-)

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