Company visits

The main part of the study tour consists of company and university visits. More than 30 motivated participants are eager to see how companies in South Korea and Japan operate and how work culture differs from the Western standards. They will do extensive research in both the culture and the companies we will be visiting.

What can we expect?

In September 2018, we will depart on our tour to South Korea and Japan. The cities we will visit are Seoul, Busan, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. During the end of September and the beginning of October, we will be travelling through these countries and visiting many companies and universities. The theme of the tour will be 'Cyber-Physical Infrastructure', so the visits will be centered around this theme.

The group consists of 35 motivated, highly educated Computer Science and Business & IT students and two professors from The Netherlands. This means an opportunity for your company or university to expand your network with these people. Furthermore, the students have done research in The Netherlands on the field in which you operate, which means some of them might be interested to collaborate with you in the future.

Each participant has conducted extensive research specifically for this study tour in one of the tracks that are offered by this study tour.

The idea is that the visit is not a marketing event, but also goes into (technical) depth. Expect the students to be interested, motivated and to ask in-depth questions about the way you work in order to gain knowledge about companies and universities in your country.

What should we do during the visit?

The visit will take one part of a working day, which means we will come either in the morning until lunch, or after lunch until the end of the working day (about 17:00). What we will do during the visit is mainly up to you, but here are a few examples in which we will be very interested:

  • Presentation about the company or university
  • Presentation on products or research that you have done
  • A case for our participants
  • A tour through the building or campus
  • Have lunch together. This is also an opportunity to talk to our participants in an informal way.

  • More information

    More information about company visits is available in a document which can be downloaded on top of this page.

    Is is also possible to send us an email at and we will be in touch.